Things Have Changed For Me, and That’s Okay

“Things are shaping up to be pretty odd.”
     I gotta tell you guys, life is strange. I’m in situations I would have never dreamed of being in with people I never thought I would be close with. You never expect life to happen and then it does. How exactly do you prepare for that?

     Answer is, you don’t. You can’t prepare for curveballs in life. And in complete honesty, that’s how it’s supposed to be. Life turns around and says “Well, what about this instead?” to you, and you just have to run with it. It’s not a bad thing at all, just totally unexpected.

     I’ve recently found that being terrified and running away from situations out of my comfort zone doesn’t benefit me in any way, whatsoever. What kind of life do you lead if you’re always running?

       I’m not the type of girl who takes risks without first delving into both pros and cons seriously. I sit in the depths of my blankets and write out every possible negative and positive outcome in my journal and assess what damage may come to me and the people around me. I’m used to routine and having the “same” all of the time. It’s safe that way, I’ve always thought. No one can get hurt that way. 

     While being prepared is an extreme asset to have in jobs and school, sometimes you don’t always need to use it in life. Take the road less traveled, or do something without 100% preparing for it. 

     I’m not prepared when people who promised to stick by my side forever suddenly disappear. It’s out of my norm. They were supposed to stay. It was routine for them to be there, and now they’re not. In that situation, it’s hard for me to come to acceptance of what is and embrace my change. 

     Change is difficult, no matter what the circumstances are. It’s scary, and exhilirating. Change is a ball of feeling alive and fearing the unknown wrapped up into one. But here’s the plus side.

     Change is okay.

      If you’re struggling with change, here is my advice to you. Embrace it as whole-heartedly as you can, even if you are scared. At the end of the day, try to have your love and excitement for life and everything it has to offer trump your fear for the unknown. Personally, I go into every opportunity with the mindset that everything will work out the way it is supposed to.

     Life is extremely short. Try your best not to waste what precious time we are given being afraid of change. What would happen if we all held ourselves back because we were scared?

  • We would stay in our beds because we would be afraid to walk in fear of breaking our leg on something.
  • We wouldn’t leave our houses in fear of catching an illness outside.
  • We wouldn’t get in a car in fear of being involved in a car accident.

     Things are constantly changing, and listen up: it is okay. My life, your life, your neighbor’s life. Embrace it. 

      Life is so good, and it’s going to be greater.
Until next time,

     Here is a tweet from June 20, 2016. I tweeted “I’ve lost all feelings. Numb af” And exactly one year later, I quoted the tweet and said “It’s been a year and things are looking up for me. It gets better.” I just wanted to share that with you in hopes that you’ll see that really, they do. They do get better.


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