Liars Upon Liars

With almost any writer you encounter, they will all have one enormous detail in common, and that is their ability to write the best in turmoil. I, however, am somewhat different. My body shuts down in low times, and that includes my gift of writing. 

I haven’t written substance in a long while.

I’m frustrated to say the least with life, because not once did anyone tell me it would be this way. I thought it got easier, at least in my case, with people. But to tell you the honest truth, people just get worse. And maybe that’s because as we get older, we learn the harsh reality of our world, which makes us cold.

I’ve always refused to let the world make me cold. I give love more than I receive it, regardless of how many times it has screwed me over. I give my all for the people I love. When I say that I’ll always be there for someone, I mean it. Maybe the problem is, I say these things meaningfully. But now in society, I feel that many people say it just because it’s what you do, whether you mean it or not.

For example, when someone greets you by saying “Hey, how are you?” you typically reply with. “Good, and you?” despite whether you’re well. For all they know, you could be dying on the inside. But you would never say that. It is just what you do.

Is that how many of our words have turned now? “I love you.” “I’m always here.” “You’re always my number 1.” Has our world become so lazy that we can’t tell the truth anymore? Or have we all just become so cold? 

I make a point in my life to let the ones I love know that I love them. At any point, tomorrow could be gone. And I will have spent my life giving more than receiving because people don’t know how to be honest. People forget to love. We become so caught up with other things, that it just slips out of our mouths without actual consideration.

If you don’t mean “I love you,” don’t say it.

If you don’t mean “I’m here for you,” don’t promise it.

I, for one, am fed up with the false hope being put out in the world because people are too scared or lazy. Say what you mean. Mean what you say. 

I’m tired of being heartbroken over the words of the falsely advertised. 

I don’t know when it started being “cool” to not care. People in my generation have decided that starting a conversation with someone first is lame. If it weren’t for me starting conversations with most people, I’d never hear from them. That’s incredibly sad.

Here I am, ranting about liars, yet not one time in my past have I ever abandoned a liar that I love. And I’m not about to start.

I just wish humans could be real.

Because if you love someone, they should never have to question it.

Yet. Here we are.
Until next time,



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