People Like Us

“People like us are lucky. People like us survive. We’ve always known: we’re in this alone. And that’s why we’re still alive.”

     What exactly is friendship?

     Is it laughing out loud until your stomach is knotted?

     Is it crying together?

     Not all friendships are the same, so your definition may be completely different than mine. 

     A younger me once sat at the end of my bed, hoping someone-anyone- would come into my life and stay. 

     Some bumps, bruises, scary music, and evil laughter later, Michelle crashed into my life, with a burst of flames. I have to say though, I’ve never been more grateful for anything in my entire life.

     On my blog, I write about a lot of important topics. Somehow though, I’ve seemed to procrastinate writing about one of the most important topics in my life. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe because I couldn’t weave the words together to even begin to converse about my best friend. Maybe I found it absurd to try. Whatever my reasoning was, it is no longer a reason to me anymore. No more excuses, Taylore.

     Our society ravishes with delight in hearing of the latest break-up story, or who is sleeping with who, but we don’t pay much (needed) attention to those around us that make us flourish and laugh; enjoy life and despise it. We have so much time to edit the selfie of ourselves, but never time to show how much love we carry for our most important life-partners:


      Since each friendship is unique, I want to appreciate our differences and similarities. 

      One of our friendship details is the fact that we both love theatre. It’s how we met, really. Last May, the two of us had our last show together. We participated in Leap of Faith. In this particular show, there was a song titles People Like Us, and it has become a very important song. 

     As an ode to the song, I’ve written a poem about my best friend in the entire universe, Michelle. 

 People Like Us (vol. 2)

People like us stick together when life gets rough

When the waves start to tumble,

And the road gets tough.

People like us stick to our own version of reality,

We find it much easier

To stick to each other, just you and me.

People like us sometimes cause a fight,

But will wash it all away,

When  you call me in the dead of the night.

People like us truly know

That no one can comprehend

Just how far for each other we’ll go.
Thank you for the tears,

For the laughter,

And the relief throughout the years.

Thank you for acceptance,

When I needed it most.

Thank you for everything,
The ups and the downs.

No one can understand

How lucky I am

To have people like us.

    Now, I encourage you to show love to your friends by writing your own stanza of “People Like Us.” 

     Do people like you sing at the top of your lungs together? Do people like you share a hobby together? 

     Life gets hectic. So make sure you tell the ones you love that you love them while they’re still around to hear it. With so much hatred blasted around our world, take the time to spread some love.

     I love you all. Thanks for supporting me,  making me feel as if my words actually matter. ā¤
Until next time,



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