these four walls

these four walls contain me
as the rest of the world sprints free.
these four walls hold me back
from all that I’m meant to be.
these four walls haunt me
while the rest of the world goes by.
they take my heart, and rip it out
as everyone moves on in their lives.

these four walls make me lonely
sheltering me from everyone I love.
they took them away and left me alone
how can there be such thing as a heaven above?

these four walls keep caving in
every minute of every day
they come closer and closer, suffocating what I had been.

what do you do when you want so badly to bulldoze the concrete slabs of grey that control every aspect of you?
meanwhile life for everyone else continues on as you’re trapped. they laugh. they grin. they enjoy their lives like everything is okay.
you scream and you scream for someone to help you, to reach out a hand and pull you away from the four walls. you pound the walls with your white-knuckled fists. screaming. shrieking. collapsing to the floor chaotically.
everyone sees the room, but passes by like it’s normal for them to stand idle, there. you wonder why they graze on by nonchalantly as your fist is scraped to pieces and your vocal chords are strained from screaming.
but these four walls just happen to be soundproof.


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