Wherever (We) Go


     Recently, my life took a huge change into a direction I never thought it’d go. My best friend and her wonderful family (who I had basically been living with) got an amazing opportunity to move up to Colorado. I was so excited for them. The place is beautiful, their house is gorgeous, there are BEARS UP THERE!! and they’re all so happy. But. It was 868 miles away from me. And I wasn’t allowed to join them.
      It’s been very, very hard to say the least. The comfort of having my best friend in the next room was gone. Her wonderful parents who treated me as if I was their own were gone. And in all honesty, her pets being gone are probably the worst part😂 The security of them all being there, gone. My best friend had to completely move schools her senior year, change theatre families, and learn to drive around by herself (I’ve normally always been there when she’s driving in a new place because she’s horrible with directions. Sorry babe. 😘) They had to up and change everything, but it was for the better.
     I just want you to make sure you’re not taking anything for granted, because in an instant it can all change. Don’t do that dumb thing where you decide not to call your friend back because you’re mad at them. When they’re not there for you to be mad at them, you’ll wish you answered the phone. Enjoy every second you have when you’re with them, and cherish every hug, every late night of laughing, every tear you shed together because when they’re miles and miles away you’ll just wish you could hug them again or see them ball up in laughter.
     Also, since college week has started for a lot of people, this can be helpful to you too. Don’t give up on people just because they’re hundreds of miles away. It’ll be hard, no doubt. But if you really and truly care about someone distance means nothing.
     •Skype is a life saver! Although it no way compares to actually being with the person, it’s the next best thing.
     •Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. All those social medias. You can still keep up with them even if you’re not there to be involved in the situations. I see my best friend’s mom post about how she sees animals in their front yard almost everyday. It kills me that I can’t see the chipmunks, but hey. I get pictures of them.
      •Make a time at least once a week, maybe more, to talk on the phone with your long distanced people. You’ll all get caught up in the grind of life and have your own stuff going on, but you can always make time for each other.
      •It will suck so bad when you know you can’t be there for them in person. Come up with a way to still be there for them. Something you can do for them even when you’re apart.
      •LETTERS💕 Thank god for the USPS. (Even though they lost my package and didn’t deliver it until a week later) send care packages, letters, whatever you want. You can become penpals! People say letters are from the past but it’ll be something you can have that is genuinely FROM them rather than from them on their phone.
      •Exchange personal items with them. My bestfriend and I got friendship bracelets. We also have bff stuffed animals. Like we have so much of eachother’s stuff it’s ridiculous…
      •It won’t be the same, but if you found a way to do it in person you can probably do it away from each other as well. Almost 85% of the time I still text her and ask “WHAT SHOULD I WEAR TODAY?!”
     Just because there is distance between us, doesn’t mean we are any less best friends than we were before. If anything, this has made us even closer. I’m still close with her family that’s still here. Nothing has changed between us except the miles. So go hug your bestfriend and never take them for granted again. If you get to see them everyday, don’t take that for granted.
     The thing I’m looking forward to the most is seeing her and her family again, because that reunion will by far be the best. I miss them like crazy every single day but I know we’re gonna be okay.

     And that gets us through it.


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